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jindal speaks out against ban on drilling

Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wrote an excellent op-ed in the Washington Post Saturday. You can read it for yourself here. Not surprisingly he is highly critical of the federal government’s involvement (or lack there of) in helping out with the oil spill.

He is most critical of the moratorium that has stopped deep water drilling. He says it adds “insult to injury”, while also creating a “second disaster.”

Jindal’s best statement comes near the end when he says the following:

“Louisianans, of all people, don’t want to see another drop of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. It is our land and our way of life that are being harmed. Yet the administration tells our people to simply file a claim with BP or file for unemployment. Our people want to work, not collect unemployment checks.”

Obama’s oil spill grade: B+

You may or may not remember that Obama gave himself a B+ after Oprah Winfrey asked him how he would grade his first year as president. If not here is a link

Given that grading scale I think we can all agree that he should get at least a B+ on his fast response to the oil spill in the Gulf. Even his biggest fans supporters have been outraged by his lack of a response. MSNBC all-star Keith Olbermann was furious with President Obama. After the speech Olbermann said, “”It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.” What would the liberals be doing if a Republican president had taken this long to respond to this oil spill? I thought they went crazy over Katrina, but I can only imagine the hysteria that the left would be bathing in right now if Joh McCain had done this. Many have compared this to Katrina including Karl Rove who wrote a great article in late May comparing the two:

This week the RNC debuted a video which contains exactly what Obama did during the 58 days where he was you know…looking for an ass to kick, telling people to plug the damn hole, etc.