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ACLU and Tennessee

It is normally a good thing when the ACLU is opposed to a decision in your state.  I won’t list any of the numerous cases where the ACLU has taken a ridiculous stance on an issue, but here is a funny article from the onion about the ACLU defending Nazis rights to burn down ACLU headquarters. It actually wouldn’t surprise me at all if the ACLU had done something like that.

Back in May the Tennessee House commended Arizona on their immigration law with a vote of 67-27. It was great to see the House take a stand and show Arizona that other states appreciated the bold move they made.

Last Friday the Tennessee chapter of the ACLU sent a letter to Governor Bredesen where they tried to bully the state into going back on their decision.  You can read the letter for yourself, but I for one hope the state doesn’t back down to the ACLU and stands in support of Arizona.