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bob corker is great…sometimes

Bob Corker’s actions resemble a youthful baseball team. Young baseball teams are notorious for looking like possible World Series contenders one game and then the next looking like they should be playing in the minors.  Corker has earned the nickname “Bailout Bob” and was very outspoken during the auto-bailout in 2008. One day you love him, the next you are left scratching your head wondering what he is doing.

However, for the majority of time that Senator Corker has been in Washington he has been a very consistent conservative. The American Conservative Union rated Corker as a “true conservative” in 2009.

But just when you think Corker is a solid conservative he goes and starts trying to cut deals with moron Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd, who besides being increddibly unintelligent is also extremely liberal (isn’t it funny how those two usually go together).  Corker and Dodd tried working together on financial reform legislation which as a HUGE shocker didn’t go very well.

Back in May of this year Corker became popular with many conservatives when he went right at Obama and “hit a nerve” with the teleprompter in chief…I mean Barack.  This was great to see and it was great for the Senator because it garnered support for him not only in Tennessee, but in the U.S. as a whole.

In my opinion Corker’s best performance this year took place during the first meeting of the House-Senate Conference on the financial reform bill.  Here is a quote:

“I look around this room and think about what an unusual place Washington is…so different than the rest of our country. We began this congress working on health care, and two of the main driving forces regarding health care were the cost of health care to individuals and trying to lower that and the cost of health care to our government. We proceeded over the next 15 months to pass a bill that increased the cost of both of those.”

You can watch the speech below or read his remarks here.

Hopefully Senator Corker will have more appearances like the one above and less bailout embarrassments.

chattanooga man arrested trying to get wife to hospital

A Chattanooga man was arrested and “charged with felony evading arrest, assault on police, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, registration expired and two counts of traffic signal violation.” The only problem was that he was trying to get his wife to the hospital because she was showing stroke symptoms. The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a great writeup here.

I will let you read the details, but in short the man was arrested once he got to the hospital and the officer stopped him as he was trying to carry his wife into the hospital and told him that he was going to arrest him. This may be obvious but it is hard for the citizen to “assault” the officer when he is holding his sick wife in his hands!

Props to Hamilton County DA Bill Cox for dropping the charges. It’s good to see someone has a brain in Chattanooga. And as for Officer Daves who arrested the man…well he gets a paid vacation while the incident is being investigated. FAIL.

Here is another writeup from CNN. Scroll down the article for a video.

pearl and politics

On June 11 University of Tennessee men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl endorsed Bill Haslam for governor. When I first heard the news I was happy to hear that the basketball coach at the college I graduated from was a republican.  Not only was I happy to hear he was a republican, but I was also impressed to hear that he publicly endorsed Mayor Haslam.  Making this public opens Pearl up to a lot of criticism even in conservative East Tennessee.

The only other previous case similar to this I can recall is when Duke coach Mike Kryzewski held a fundraiser for Elizabeth Dole in 2002. I apologize for linking an article from the New York Times, but I promise it won’t happen often. Anyways, Coach K took a lot of criticism for holding this fundraiser, and although Pearl hasn’t faced much criticism yet that could change.

The obvious problem in all of this is that the Haslam family donates more money to the University of Tennessee than most people can dream about ever obtaining.  Here are two examples of that $$ also here $$ .

So the question is should Pearl or any other college coach endorse a political candidate? The answer is yes. They have the same rights as anyone else and they can choose to support and endorse any candidate even under these circumstances.

I am interested to see if this will start a trend though because now that Pearl has opened himself up to supporting a Republican candidate you can be certain that future Republican candidates will seek similar endorsements from him.

ACLU and Tennessee

It is normally a good thing when the ACLU is opposed to a decision in your state.  I won’t list any of the numerous cases where the ACLU has taken a ridiculous stance on an issue, but here is a funny article from the onion about the ACLU defending Nazis rights to burn down ACLU headquarters. It actually wouldn’t surprise me at all if the ACLU had done something like that.

Back in May the Tennessee House commended Arizona on their immigration law with a vote of 67-27. It was great to see the House take a stand and show Arizona that other states appreciated the bold move they made.

Last Friday the Tennessee chapter of the ACLU sent a letter to Governor Bredesen where they tried to bully the state into going back on their decision.  You can read the letter for yourself, but I for one hope the state doesn’t back down to the ACLU and stands in support of Arizona.

Obama’s oil spill grade: B+

You may or may not remember that Obama gave himself a B+ after Oprah Winfrey asked him how he would grade his first year as president. If not here is a link

Given that grading scale I think we can all agree that he should get at least a B+ on his fast response to the oil spill in the Gulf. Even his biggest fans supporters have been outraged by his lack of a response. MSNBC all-star Keith Olbermann was furious with President Obama. After the speech Olbermann said, “”It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.” What would the liberals be doing if a Republican president had taken this long to respond to this oil spill? I thought they went crazy over Katrina, but I can only imagine the hysteria that the left would be bathing in right now if Joh McCain had done this. Many have compared this to Katrina including Karl Rove who wrote a great article in late May comparing the two:

This week the RNC debuted a video which contains exactly what Obama did during the 58 days where he was you know…looking for an ass to kick, telling people to plug the damn hole, etc.

being a conservative on a college campus

“The American (college) campus has become an interesting place for a conservative.” –Dinesh D’Souza.

I will officially be done with college next month and in my four years of college I can certainly agree with D’Souza’s statement. It was interesting to be on a college campus during 2008 when you were a complete fool and ignorant voter if you did not support Barack Obama and his radical liberalism. It was also interesting to have my college commencement be used as a platform for Al Gore to push his global warming agenda on my graduating class. Some people, especially students, can easily get discouraged and even sometimes feel the need to become apologetic about being a conservative. I am a conservative because I believe that conservatism represents American values such as; limited government, individual rights, and many more. These are the values our country was founded upon and I believe it is important that we continue to fight for them. In 1960 Barry Goldwater (pictured above) felt similar sentiments when writing The Conscience of a Conservative, “I have been much concerned that so many people today with conservative instincts feel compelled to apologize for them.” It is extremely important that conservatives do the opposite of apologizing for their beliefs. Conservatives should stand up to the values they believe in because these values are embedded in America. And as Goldwater went on to write, “Thus, for the American Conservative, there is no difficulty in identifying the day’s overriding political challenge: it is to preserve and extend freedom.” I believe these words still ring true today and we should continue fighting for this nation that has so blessed us with her freedom.