mitch daniels on our red menace

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels spoke at CPAC last week and gave a speech that was both appropriate and articulate. I wrote about Governor Daniels in December and then I was impressed that the state of Indiana ran a surplus in his first term. This gives him the credibility to say what he said at CPAC. You can read the full text of his speech or listen to the audio.

Below is a portion of the speech which is centered around our national debt. Daniels says it is our generation’s red menace and that this course must be reversed.

That part of his speech was the most significant and has seemed to create the most attention but there were other important lines which I have listed below.

Today’s EPA should be renamed the “Employment Prevention Agency.” After a two-year orgy of new regulation, President Obama’s recent executive order was a wonderment, as though the number one producer of rap music had suddenly expressed alarm about obscenity.

Seven years as a practitioner in elective politics tells me that history’s skeptics are wrong. That Americans, in a vast majority, are still a people born for self-governance. They are ready to summon the discipline to pay down our collective debts as they are now paying down their own; to put the future before the present, their children’s interest before their own.

Purity in martyrdom is for suicide bombers. King Pyrrhus is remembered, but his nation disappeared. Winston Churchill set aside his lifetime loathing of Communism in order to fight World War II. Challenged as a hypocrite, he said that when the safety of Britain was at stake, his “conscience became a good girl.” We are at such a moment. I for one have no interest in standing in the wreckage of our Republic saying “I told you so” or “You should’ve done it my way.”


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