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what you missed over the weekend

I am mulling over the idea of doing a piece every Monday which highlights some news over the weekend. I know many, myself included, do not follow news as closely over the weekend as they do throughout the week. I am trying it out this week so please let me know what you think about it.

  1. Protests continued over the weekend in Wisconsin. Fake doctors’ notes were being handed out to teachers who were protesting. Both sides are digging in and not budging. Governor Scott Walker thanked the protesters who are coming in from Chicago Monday to protest on his twitter page saying, ” glad u will b spending $ on food & gas here.”

Here is a picture of a sign at a rally in Wisconsin via Michelle Malkin.

Glad that there is new civility and we are not using a viscous tone against one another…

2. There was a special election in the Louisiana State Senate over the weekend which a Republican won. This is important because it gives Republicans control of both houses for the first time since the 19th century. Now Louisiana is one of the many states, including Tennessee, who Republicans have full control over.

3. Protests in China from citizens unhappy with government were smothered by police and other officials. Several prominent activists have not been seen since Saturday.

4. Things are heating up in Libya as their “leader” Muammar Gaddafi showed no signs of stepping down in the near future. Here is a great piece by Ian Black with a great deal of info. on the situation. Gaddafi has proven in the past that he will eliminate anyone who is seen as a threat so the outcome of the unrest in Libya does not look good.

5. Mark Hemingway wrote in The Weekly Standard today that because Obama, the DNC, and countless other Dem. organizations  have supported the State Senate Democrats in Wisconsin not showing up for work, it will be hard for them to blame Republicans if there is a federal government shutdown over the budget.