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bob corker is great…sometimes

Bob Corker’s actions resemble a youthful baseball team. Young baseball teams are notorious for looking like possible World Series contenders one game and then the next looking like they should be playing in the minors.  Corker has earned the nickname “Bailout Bob” and was very outspoken during the auto-bailout in 2008. One day you love him, the next you are left scratching your head wondering what he is doing.

However, for the majority of time that Senator Corker has been in Washington he has been a very consistent conservative. The American Conservative Union rated Corker as a “true conservative” in 2009.

But just when you think Corker is a solid conservative he goes and starts trying to cut deals with moron Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd, who besides being increddibly unintelligent is also extremely liberal (isn’t it funny how those two usually go together).  Corker and Dodd tried working together on financial reform legislation which as a HUGE shocker didn’t go very well.

Back in May of this year Corker became popular with many conservatives when he went right at Obama and “hit a nerve” with the teleprompter in chief…I mean Barack.  This was great to see and it was great for the Senator because it garnered support for him not only in Tennessee, but in the U.S. as a whole.

In my opinion Corker’s best performance this year took place during the first meeting of the House-Senate Conference on the financial reform bill.  Here is a quote:

“I look around this room and think about what an unusual place Washington is…so different than the rest of our country. We began this congress working on health care, and two of the main driving forces regarding health care were the cost of health care to individuals and trying to lower that and the cost of health care to our government. We proceeded over the next 15 months to pass a bill that increased the cost of both of those.”

You can watch the speech below or read his remarks here.

Hopefully Senator Corker will have more appearances like the one above and less bailout embarrassments.