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santorum likely to run / UPDATED

“What the president has done — and this is the typical left: We know better, we’ll structure the marketplace, we’ll run it and it’ll be better than if people do it in the private sector. It’s a lie. It doesn’t work.” These are the words of former Senator Rick Santorum in an article from The Hill today about a possible presidential run. In the article written by Shane D’Aprile he says that Santorum has been to Iowa more than any other GOP possible presidential nominee.

Here are a few thoughts about a probable Santorum run…

UPDATE (January 20th) : As I mentioned above there is a good chance that Santorum will say something stupid and he has already done that. Playing the race card on Obama is not a good idea…

who will be the GOP nominee in 2012?

I’m very anxious to see what happens this November in the mid-term elections, but I’m already anxious for the 2012 elections especially the presidential election.  Less than 2 years into Obama’s presidency I already feel optimistic that Republicans will take back the White House. The GOP will have to put out a great candidate because no matter how bad an incumbent is they are always hard to get out of office.

Charles Krauthammer wrote a very insightful article today which acknowledged that a win for Republicans this fall could backfire in 2012. He uses the example of Bill Clinton gaining re-election in 1996 after Republicans took control of Congress in 1994.

Politico also has an article today about which early GOP candidates are gaining momentum.

I have not fully decided on what candidate I want to support in 2012 yet, but I will list my top 4 choices in alphabetical order.

  • Mitch Daniels
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Tim Pawlenty

And yes Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney are not in my top 4.